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Chương trình hoạt động của SPC năm 2017

26/01/2017 12:25

Date: January 8th, 2017        
Committee: Sinh, Bich Dao, Quynh Dao, Le Thu, Son, Nhan, Chau, Kieu Giang    
Consultants: Gabriel, Son        
Invitees: Mr. Man Bayer, Phuong Hi & Bao Khanh        
No Description Month Person in Charge Support Remark
  A. SPC  ACTIVITIES Year 2017: Meeting time 9.00-10.30am        
  To select & allocate the suitable date for SPC activities year 2017        
1 Outing Trip “Farm to Table” conducted by Ms. Bao Khanh.  25&26Mar Son & Bao Khanh &
K Giang
2 SCM seminar/workshop conducted/supported by CEL. Apr Gabriel & B.Ha & M.Phuong Ms. Da Quyen Plan
3 Seminar: Benchmarking : conducted by Ms.Phuong  Hi 21-May Ms. Hi & Gabriel  Van Ha Collaborate
with CEL 
4 Workshop "Decision Making Skill" 25-Jun Nhan Thu & M.Phuong & B.Dao  
5 Networking between suppliers & buyers in Hotel industry/Conference in Da Nang 23-Jul Nhan Nam & Sinh & Dung (Da Nang) & Thu  
6 SPC Family Shopping Day: conducted by Quynh Dao 6-Aug Quynh Dao & Minh Renaissance B.Dao Nice to have
7 Mid-Autumn Festival 29/9-1/10 Sinh, Bich Dao Son, Kieu Giang,
 K.Khanh & Kien Lan
8 Bayer Factory visit with Lean Mgt & Warehouse management & Barcode application - Amata Dong Nai 21-Oct Mr. Man Bayer Q.Dao & Son
& M.Phuong
9 Seminar: Operational Excellence.  12-Nov Chau & Man Thu, M.Phuong
& B.Dao
10 SPC Event AGM & 9th Birthday 17/12 Nhan Committee  
SPC Talent Show (for AGM & 9th Birthday): conducted by Ms. Yên, IBM 17/12 Yen- IBM Bich Ha, Gabriel  
  B. SPC NEW NAME: 10.30-11.00am         
1 In order to attract more members from Supply Chain, Logistic then the committee suggests to change our current club name to  Supply & Purchasing Club (SPC) Jan 2017 Sinh to contact  Saigon Times Club Kieu Giang to arrange the meeting with Chairwoman of Saigon Times Club  
2 Change name on logo & revise in website & Facebook   B.Dao & Son    
1 To Set KPIs & Action Plan for  committee members:        
  -Meeting attendance: at least 1 time/quarter        
  -Cooperation to lead at least 1 activity of SPC/year        
  èBenefit: Thank you gift & thank you letter   Sinh & Gabriel    
2 To Set KPIs & Action Plan for  consultants:        
  Mr. Sinh to work with all consultants for final idea. Feb-17 Sinh & Gabriel    
  D. OTHER INPUT        
1 SPC Group Email:         
  Revise list email of committee & consultant to update. Jan-17 Sinh & Son    
  Each committee & consultant update max 2 emails to Son   Son    
2 SPC Website:        
  Supplier logo can link with company’s website: VND10 million/year.   Bich Dao    
  Post PR Ads News on SPC Website: to be discuss
after check information in market
Jan-17 Kieu Giang    
  Commission 40% for SPC member who introduce new supplier to display logo on SPC website & maximum 20%  value amount of  sponsor for SPC Jan-17 All    
3 SPC Facebook:         
  Post status on FB to introduce supplier on FB: check amount Jan-17 Kieu Giang    
  Announce Rule on the SPC FB group: Jan-17 Le Thu, Son    
4 Club Manager        
  To hire one Club Manager to manage SPC activities,
Website & fund raising
  To revise the Job Description of Club Manager Jan-17 Sinh & Gabriel    
  Club Manager Salary:        
  Mr. Man Bayer sponsors 5 million VND  Feb-17 Man    
  Ms. Bich  Dao SPC Committee sponsors 5 million VND Mar-17 Bich Dao    
  Using fund of SPC for 3rd month  Apr-17 SPC    
  Club Manager also has entitled to receive 100% value amount of logos that suppliers have paid when posting their logos  on SPC website on 1st year  Feb 2017 on wards Quynh Dao
& Mr. Chau
  Future Task: To establish a company belong to SPC in order to continue the task of current Club Manager Feb-18 Quynh Dao
& Mr. Chau
5 Additional SPC Consultant: Basing on the strong support to SPC of Mr. Man during past 8 years, Chairman of SPC suggested Mr. Man Bayer is the SPC committee member Jan-17 Firstly Mr. Man, Bayer agrees with title SPC Consultant SPC Committee
members & consultants
  The meeting ends at 12.30pm at the same date.        

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