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Saigon Times Club launches new affiliate

08/07/2013 14:54

"Huynh Cong Sinh (L), chairman of the newly-established Sourcing and Purchasing Club, chats with Eckart Dutz, general director of the Cartridge World Company and member of the new club, during the launching ceremony in HCMC last night. Sinh is purchasing manager of the Renaissance Riverside Hotel in downtown HCMC


HCMC – The Saigon Times Club last night launched the Sourcing and Purchasing Club which gathers businesses and businessmen in the sourcing and purchasing areas from multinational, import-export and logistics companies in HCMC and neighboring provinces.

The new club has some 270 members and is mandated to arrange activities such as workshops, seminars, training courses, and social and business networking.

The board of the club has 11 people and is chaired by Huynh Cong Sinh, purchasing manager of the Renaissance Riverside Hotel in downtown HCMC.

“The club is a nonprofit organization that aims to help its members working in foreign-invested, joint-venture and state-owned companies to exchange experience and information about prices, business, purchasing and others,” chairman Sinh said at the club launching ceremony at the Renaissance Riverside Hotel.

According to the club, businesses, goods distributors and buyers or experts interested in joining the club can go to the website at http://www.purchasingclub.vn to register for membership.

The club will also seek to set up relations with other purchasing and supply chain organizations in the world so that professional goods distributors and buyers, both domestically and internationally, can exchange knowledge and experiences, said Tran Dinh Vinh, deputy editor-in-chief of the Saigon Times Group and chairman of the Saigon Times Club

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